A photoblog!     September 30th, 2006  

I decided to add something to the site for more regular updates of the public areas. I’ve been putting more time into the client gallieries, so I wanted to make sure there was still a flow of content to the main site. The result is my new PhotoBlog. Built on the basis of the excellent PixelPost scripts, with an all-new template, which I hope provides a good complement to the main VisualSucculence site.

It’s styled a bit more in the ‘Web 2.0′ tradition, but still has a lot in common with the theme you see here. I’ve dropped in about 75 photos to start with, and I’ll add to them as I take them (good encouragement for me to broaden the content area of my photography). You can add comments for each photo, and feel free. I’ll be adding my own comments as time permits.

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